Class of 2020 Graduate Stats

Check out some of our 2020 seniors' amazing accomplishments! 

Class of 2020 PHS Graduates (15 students):

πŸŽ“ All graduate with the Distinguished Level of Achievement

πŸŽ“ 93% graduate with at least 3 hours of dual credit.

πŸŽ“ The class as a whole has earned 252 dual credit hours. Some of which are CTE dual credit hours.

πŸŽ“ 5 of the 15 had 24 or more dual credit hours.

πŸŽ“ All graduate with at least 1 endorsement with several earning 2 or more.

πŸŽ“ All have at least 25 hours of community service with some having over 150 hours.

πŸŽ“ 9 of the 15 are TSI compliant in math, reading, and writing.12 of the 15 areTSI compliant in reading and writing. The others are compliant via College Prep courses via SPC partnership.

πŸŽ“ 4 of the 15 graduate with Sense1 AWS welding certification. One more is pending the summer exam.

πŸŽ“ All have completed the FAFSA

πŸŽ“ 8 of the 15 were Honor Graduates

πŸŽ“ All graduates participated in 2 or more extracurricular activities while at PHS.

What we are most proud of is that all of them have hearts of gold and know that hard work, respect, grit and integrity will serve them well. #GoBuffs

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 once again!

A big thank you to our staff for helping make this possible. #BuffaloNation