Petersburg ISD Bid Notice


Petersburg Independent School District is accepting “Sealed Bids” for the sale of 2 lots in Petersburg, TX that are currently owned by the school district. Bids will be accepted at the Petersburg ISD Administration Office located at 1411 West 4th Street, Petersburg, Texas until 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 at which time they will be opened and tabulated. Petersburg ISD will award the negotiating rights to the highest bidder(s). With these negotiating rights, the winning bidder will work with the school district and the title office to take care of all costs associated with purchasing the property from the school. There will not be a minimum bid amount for each lot. The winning bidders will be notified on Wednesday, February 24th, 2021.

All payments will be taken care of through the title office.

Please submit your printed name, full address, phone number and an original signature with your bid to:

Brian Bibb, Superintendent

Petersburg ISD

PO Box 160

Petersburg, Texas 79250; or

hand deliver at 1411 West 4th Street, Petersburg, Texas. Envelopes must be marked “Sealed Bids – Vacant Lots”.

The two lots for sale are as follows:

Lot 1 is located at 1701 Ave. F. The legal description is White PE Blk 15 W50'OFE125'OFN104.5'.

Lot 2 is located at 1104 Ave. F. The legal description is OT PE Blk 47 E70'OF 10-12.

Please specify in your sealed bid which property you are interested in purchasing. Again, the bid amount will not be the price paid. The total price will be handled after all title paperwork is taken care of through the title office.

Please direct all questions to Dr. Brian Bibb, Superintendent of Petersburg ISD at or 806-667-3585. Thank you.