Parents of Students Doing Remote Learning:

Friday, September 25th will be the end of the 1st six weeks grading period. Beginning Monday, September 21st, you will be able to call your child's campus office to declare if your child will return to school for the 2nd six weeks that begins on Tuesday, September 29th. The deadline to make this declaration is the end of the school day on the 25th.

As a reminder, the only remote learning option that we will offer after this first six weeks is asynchronous instruction. We will no longer offer synchronous instruction because 90% of our students will be on campus.

If your child is doing remote learning, please make sure they are signing in for attendance at the appropriate times for each class, but that they are also completing their work for each class that they are assigned. This must be done every day. We have some that log in for attendance every day, but do not complete any work. Both things have to be done in order to show attendance, but also engagement in order to receive credit for their classes.

Also as a reminder, the Back to School guidelines that we distributed in August, as well as our UIL plan, both state that students that are participating in remote learning and are not attending school on campus are not allowed to attend extracurricular activities. This applies to games at home and out of town. We had to send students home from the varsity game last Friday and we have had students show up at out of town games that are doing remote learning. Again, we will send you home and not allow you to attend if you are a remote learner. If you want to attend extracurricular activities, then we recommend that you contact your campus secretary to let them know that you will start on campus instruction at the beginning of the second six weeks. If your child is going to start on campus instruction on September 29th, the earliest they could attend extracurricular activities would be the junior high and JV games on Thursday, October 1st.

If you have any questions about these policies or protocols, please call your campus office, or email