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We are proud to release this draft version of our Back to School Plan. We welcome your feedback. Please feel free to email Dr. Bibb at with any suggestions, comments, or concerns. Special thanks to our planning committee for their work in providing feedback and input on the ideas that our administration had put in to the first draft of the plan. The plan will be official and final on Wednesday, August 5th.

When school resumes on August 19th, Petersburg ISD will be offering students the option to attend classes in our buildings or remotely from their homes. Remote instruction will be online only. We are working on ways to help provide reliable internet at home for our students that choose this option. At this time no paper packets will be sent home.

Below is a brief summary of options that will be offered. We are working on the details of each option and will have a final plan in place by Wednesday, August 5th.

Starting August 3rd, we will begin having orientation sessions by grade level. In these orientation sessions, we will explain our back to school plan, our health and safety protocols, and our instructional options for on-campus and remote learning. After these orientation sessions, teachers will be able to answer questions from parents and we will have technology information to help parents understand our Google Classroom platform and to check out their needed technology. If a student chooses remote instruction, he/she will be required to stay in that placement until the end of the first six-week grading period. Students may enter remote instruction at any time; however, they can only return to in-class instruction at the end of a grading period.

Petersburg ISD is also developing new Safety and Cleaning Guidelines for the students that will be attending classes in our buildings. These guidelines are being developed to prevent the virus from entering the school, respond to lab confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the school, and mitigate the likelihood of COVID-19 spreading inside the school. Once finalized, these guidelines will be published on August 5th in the official version of the plan.

Instructional Options

On Campus Instruction 

• In school classrooms

 • Follow all enhanced safety guidelines and procedures

 • Daily health checks 

• Eligible for all extracurricular activities

 • 90% Attendance rule is in effect

Remote Instruction – Two Options

Synchronous Instruction

 • Real time remote instruction in each class period via Google Meets

 • Assignments posted to Google Classroom

Asynchronous Instruction

 • Instruction delivered through imbedded links in Google Classroom

 • Assignments posted to Google Classroom

Both remote plans will require:

 • 100% on-line learning at home

 • Reliable internet

 • Daily attendance and assignments.  Day will mirror the on-campus school day 

• No extracurricular activities or school events

 • 90% attendance rule in effect; grading policy in effect