Level Up charts will be coming home with your child.

If you want to see our student's overall progress this year, you can by clicking HERE

Why level up charts?

  1. We want to continually grow our students to give them the academic skills

  2. needed to prepare for a career of their choosing after high school.

  3. We want to individualize the instruction your child receives in order to create the best educational experience.  

  4. We want to be transparent and openly communicate your child’s performance, and partner with you in creating the best plan to create further success.

  5. We want your child to take responsibility and ownership of their education and become a lifelong learner that reaches to achieve their goals.

What does a Level Up Charts tell me?

  1. They show you how your child performed last year.

  2. They show you how your child is currently performing.

  3. They show you your child’s progress.

  4. They show you the performance goal that we would like to see your child achieve.

  5. They give you information on what steps are being taken to help your child make progress.

  6. They show you the performance standards of the STAAR test.

How do I use the Level Up Charts?

  1. Ask yourself...How did my child perform the previous year on STAAR?

  2. Ask yourself...How is my child currently performing on their Common Assessments?

  3. Ask yourself...Is my child performing better this year than last year?

  4. Ask yourself, your child, and your teacher...What can we do to make sure my child is making progress?